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On the Shoulders of Giants

Meet 12 Johns Hopkins School of Medicine “greats” and their contemporary counterparts who grabbed the baton.

Fall 2018

Caroline Thomas & Erin Michos (cardiovascular disease), Arnall Patz & Akrit Sodhi (blindness), William Osler & Ami Shah (scleroderma), and Hamilton Smith & Ken Kinzler (modern genetics). Read about their innovations here.

Spring/Summer 2018

William Kouwenhoven & Elizabeth Hunt (CPR), Leo Kanner & Dan Arking (autism), Vernon Mountcastle & Shreesh Mysore (neuroscience) and Leslie Gay & Sandra Lin (allergies). Read about their work here.

Winter 2018

William Halsted & Errol Bush (surgery), Max Brödel & Juan Garcia (medical illustration), Florence Sabin & Sascha du Lac (brainstem) and John Jacob Abel & Gerald Hart (diabetes). Read their stories here.

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